Design execution inside Control Core Angel

In design, execution is everything. By executing solutions with your own hands, you share the workload with your team and create bandwidth to implement those small touches of polish. Some teams would refer to these polish pieces as ‘nice to haves’ and gloss over them. But these little pieces are what make a good thing into a great thing.


Bootstrap bankruptcy

If a custom interface is part of the value proposition of your product and you’re currently using bootstrap, then you should be asking your team “At what point is this product bankrupt?”


How to make a Tardis

When I built this Tardis for halloween, I didn’t have plans or measurements; just a picture and agile methodology. I cut a section, determined what could fit next, cut/attached those pieces and repeated until finished. This discovery process wasn’t easy, but I’m happy with the final product.


Candy mtn - a sketch note

Following the 2012 IA-summit, this is a sketch I made on the flight from New Orleans to SFO. It covers my thoughts around what it takes to get ThoughtWorks XD North America Team together for a conference/knowledge share.


Speed up with CSS Styleguides

A living styleguide showcases the visual and interactive elements of your application. Companies spend a lot of time and money creating highly detailed brand styleguides. They do this to keeep visual consistency around their brand’s identity. It’s becomming more popular for brands to also have digital styleguides in their websites/apps. The more progressive digital styleguides are not built in photoshop, but in dynamic html, css and javascript.


Partially sassy

Organizing partials for your stylesheets can help to: Quickly add and remove elements/features, reduce merge conflicts, reduce ramp-up time, and keep your styles out of the html markup.


Marco Foster brand design

A Chicago neighbor, Marco Foster, was building his personal brand and needed a logotype. Marco also had a small group/agency that he was building at the time called Chicago Models. I created Marco’s logotype with a simple ligature and color. Then I adapted the logotype to also work for his modeling group.


Influence scores are like cocktails

Here’s a chance to relate two of my favorite topics: social media and social beverages.

The validity of social influence is under constant debate. Who is more influential? How does it work? Why isn’t my score higher? Who the hell is Justin Bieber? Social influence is still an experiment. In time, the brave individuals who are blazing the trail will come up with answers to the above. Until then, influence scores are just way to have fun - sort of like cocktails.


My startup story: Pelotonia

Pelotonia has a special place in my heart (as it does for many). During 2009, I was part of a dedicated team, working day-and-night to create the inaugural Pelotonia ride. Fueled by the passion and the support of an entire community, Pelotonia 09 raised $4.5MM for cancer research @thejamesosu.

I can honestly say that being part of Pelotonia was, and still is the greatest thing that I have ever done with my life.


Jesse Schell delivers a hilariously insightful talk at DICE 2010. Jesse discusses gaming and how creative-companies have used psychological principals to innovate conventional products.