How to make a Tardis

When I built this Tardis for halloween, I didn’t have plans or measurements; just a picture and agile methodology. I cut a section, determined what could fit next, cut/attached those pieces and repeated until finished. This discovery process wasn’t easy, but I’m happy with the final product.

Here’s what we’ll be building:

Tardis Tardis

Tardis Tardis

Tardis Tardis

I recommend that you checkout the angel.

What we’ll need

I cut everything from classic tri-folds that I found at Michael’s. I bought 10 tri-folds and still had a few left over after cutting all of the pieces (and messing up a number of them). Trifold

  • 6x Tri-folds (Base Foundation).
  • 8x Corner-Columns (10” x 36”).
  • 1x Roof (24” x 24”).
  • 12x Horizontal Center Frame Slats (17.5” x 4”).
  • 4x “Police Public Call Box” Top Frame Slats (17.5” x 4”).
  • 8x Horizontal Front Door Frame Slats (8.75” x 4”).
  • 20x Vertical Center Frame Slats (13” x 1”).
  • 36x Vertical Side Frame Slats (13” x 2”).
  • 36x Fiberglass supports (4” x 4” x 1”).

Base Foundation

Tardis - Base

Corner Columns

  • Attach Fiberglass pieces (3x3x1) at top and bottom of each column piece (4-total per column). Don’t skimp on them, we’ll need all 4 at a later point in time. When I made this thing, I didn’t know why having 2-bumpers in the middle was of any use, but it worked out well.
  • Wrap corner columns around each corner.

Tardis - Corner Columns


Tardis - Framing

Attached Roof

  • Cut a 24” square.
  • Attach to Corner Columns.

Shoulder Straps

  • You’ll need 4 wall-hinges and 2-luggage straps.
  • From the inside of the tardis, Screw the wall-hinges into the fiberglass bumpers - 1 screw on the top, 1 on bottom. Repeat this on the front and back walls.
  • Attach and adjust luggage straps.

Tardis - Shoulder Straps

Finishing Touches

  • Paint the Police box signs.
  • Add Front Left Door Sign.
  • Add Front Windows