Print design with uv-spotting

Examples of how to prep your visual assets to make business cards with UV-spotting.

What’s UV Spotting?

UV-Spotting is a glossy-treatment that can be applied to your print designs. If done well, the subtle use can make a simple business card pop.


  • I’m using illustrator, but you could likely benefit from using inDesign.
  • Complete your card design, front and back, as your normally would to prep it for the printer (expanding the appearance, objects, type, etc).
  • Create two new artboards and place them under the original artboards.
  • Copy your designs, front and back, to the new artboards. Be sure that they line-up correctly or your prints will come back all fudged-up.
  • Use your direct-selection tool to begin deleteing the fills that you do not want to be uv-spotted.
  • Select these objects and clear any fill-layers.
  • With the items still selected, open your appearance panel and add a new fill.
  • Make this fill solid black.
  • Congrats, you’re done.


Packanimal Business Card - Front Packanimal Business Card - Front - UV-Ready Packanimal Business Card - Back Packanimal Business Card - Back - UV-Ready

Marco Foster Business Card - Front Marco Foster Business Card - Front - UV-Ready Marco Foster Business Card - Back Marco Foster Business Card - Back - UV-Ready

Packanimal Business Card - Final