Artvark logo design

From sketch to illustrator to web/mobile: A few shots of the Artvark logo creative process with Nanchu.

It all starts with a sketch.

Artvark Sketch

Taking it into Illustrator

Photoshop is great, but illustrator gives you real power to create highly flexible/reusable vector graphics.

Artvark In Illustrator

Onto the web

Exporting for web and devices is simple in illustrator and gives you some control over the size of your image.

Artvark Logo

Thrashing on mobile web design

knowing that this apple-touch-icon needed to be optimized for screens and nothing else, we moved our ai vector into a smart layer in photoshop and pushed some pixels. We went back and forth on a few mobile icon designs. We used a dropbox folder and would take 30-minute turns saving changes. The collaborative design process prevented us from locking into anything or creating ‘snowflakes’.

Artvark Mobile Icon 1 Artvark Mobile Icon 2

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