FlightCar Surveys (2016)

UX, UI, Motion

We all know that collecting feedback from users is important. How and when we ask for feedback is equally important. I created the deliverables below as part of a proposal to communicate with my team and broader company.

FlightCar Surveys 1 FlightCar Surveys 2

Journey Mapping

Requests for feedback need to come at the right time. That timing becomes clear through journey mapping. FlightCar customers fell into 2 categories: Owners and renters.

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Owner Journey

Renters’ Journey - View Full Size PDF
Renter Journey


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FlightCar Surveys 2


FlightCar wanted to gather feedback from Renters on both their experience and their rental car. In an effort to take advantage of their fresh impression of their rental vehicle and reduce the number of questions per survey, I proposed that we request vehicle feedback at the time of return.

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FlightCar Surveys 2